Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Why Might I need Guided Tissue Regeneration?

Advanced periodontal disease can destroy gum tissue and bone. It causes the gums to pull away from the teeth, creating deep pockets that fill with infection. Traditionally, these pockets are eliminated by trimming away the infected gum tissue, and by gum recontouring the exposed bone and tooth roots. This is still a very effective treatment that is widely used, but often the treated teeth can look much longer than before due to the loss of bone, and there is the risk that this loss could destabilize the tooth. One treatment we do at Midtown Manhattan, NYC office that can help is a guided tissue regeneration procedure. This is a sophisticated technique that helps to stabilize teeth, restoring or regenerating bone and attachments lost to periodontal disease.

Guided Tissue Regeneration Before and After

Guided Tissue Regeneration Before and After

Guided tissue regeneration uses a special type of artificial membrane that helps to separate gum tissue from the bone. Bone and gum tissue grow at different rates, and separating them with an artificial membrane prevents the gums from growing into areas where there should be bone, and encourages the growth of new fibers and bone cells, regenerating both bone and gum tissue in areas where they are deficient.

What is the Procedure for Guided Tissue Regeneration?

The infected gums have to be thoroughly cleaned, which usually involves flapping back the gums to show the extent of the damage. The next step is to clean the gum, exposed bone and tooth root surfaces, before placing the guided tissue membrane in the defective area. This seals the bone and prevents gum tissue from entering the area. Finally, the gum is placed back over the membrane, and can be held in position with a few stitches. If the membrane is not absorbed by the body, it will be left in place for approximately six weeks before being removed to continue the healing process. If the membrane is absorbable, this second procedure will not be necessary. There are many different types of guided tissue membrane available, and our dentist at our Midtown Manhattan, NYC Center will discuss all the options with you before surgery.

What are the Benefits of Guided-Tissue Regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration can be very beneficial in helping to restore lost bone and gum tissue and to encourage re-attachment of the connective fibers around the tooth. The re-growth of tissue is predictable, and the growth consists of natural gum and bone tissues, helping to stabilize the treated tooth.

One thing to bear in mind is that the success of treatment does rely on the patient being prepared to maintain meticulous oral care after surgery. Without this compliance there is the risk treatment could fail. The healing period required after surgery is also relatively long, and sometimes it might take up to six months for the tissues to regenerate.


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