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Cause of Periodontitis

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment

Periodontitis is caused by many different types of bacteria infecting the gums, which in turn prompts the body to fight back.

The result is inflammation in the gums which causes the characteristic symptoms of periodontal disease. Many of these bacteria are found in the plaque biofilm, which is a sticky layer that builds up around the gum line in the time between brushing and flossing. If plaque isn’t thoroughly removed these bacteria will thrive and quickly multiply, hardening into calculus or tartar, and eventually resulting in periodontitis.

Laser Gum Treatment in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

As periodontal disease progresses, it gradually destroys gum tissue, the ligaments holding your teeth in place and the bone surrounding your teeth.

The infection causes gum pockets, called periodontal pockets to develop around your teeth as the gums become looser and begin to pull away, and which soon become filled with bacteria.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Laser gum treatment is often carried out in conjunction with another treatment called scaling and root planing which uses special ultrasonic tools to help remove hardened calculus from around the exposed tooth roots surfaces, while planing smooths the exposed surfaces making it harder for the bacteria to adhere to them.

Although this treatment is very effective it doesn’t always remove all the bacteria, and there is a risk of the gums becoming reinfected. Laser gum treatment can help control gum disease through eliminating the cause of the infection in these pockets, enabling gum tissue to heal and aiding reattachment of the ligaments that may have been destroyed through the disease. After treatment the periodontal pockets begin to heal and shrink, so your gums will begin to fit more tightly around your teeth so it will be more difficult for these areas to be re-colonized by bacteria in your mouth.

Benefits of Using Laser Gum Treatment

In fact there are several benefits of using a laser for treating periodontal disease and these include:

  • Using a laser helps kill the bacteria in infected tissue without harming healthy tissue.
  • The laser is able to remove infected material from deep in the periodontal pockets (see: periodontal pockets treatment), helping to sterilize these areas.
  • Treatment is extremely gentle as it cuts away the diseased tissue, and any small blood vessels are immediately sealed or cauterized through a process called thermal coagulation.
  • Laser therapy is far more precise than using a scalpel, preserving the maximum amount of healthy gum tissue.
  • This minimally invasive treatment makes it much easier for the gums to heal, and reduces the risk of infection during the healing process.
  • There is far less swelling as laser therapy doesn’t damage the surrounding gum tissue so the entire process is much easier and more comfortable for patients.
  • Our particular laser uses laser energy combined with a gentle spray of water that helps make the laser energy more effective, while keeping patients safe and comfortable for the duration of treatment.
  • There is often no need for pain medication after treatment, and any discomfort can normally be controlled using ibuprofen.
  • Laser therapy is fast and appointment times are often shorter; you should be able to return to work the next day.

Laser Gum Treatment Is Often an Ongoing Process

Healing after treatment should be fast and non-eventful, but we will need to see you for a follow-up appointment at our Midtown Manhattan, NYC center to gauge the overall success of treatment.

Laser gum treatment is often an ongoing process, as this helps to prevent re-infection in the gums, and keeps the disease under control. Patients usually need to come and see us every three months to help maintain results.

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