Dr Rahmani, Periodontist NYC is a nationally recognized as America’s Top Periodontist, one of the best periodontal specialists in the region. He is an award winning dentistry expert and contributor to a prominent media outlets. Dr. Rahmani provides a full range of perio procedures to treat periodontal disease including Periodontal Therapy.

Our state of the art facility equipped with the most advanced perio equipment available in USA including latest lasers & high precision microscopes. We work with top dental labs in NYC and use only highest quality dental components available on the market today.

Swollen and Tender Gums Treatment

Periodontal Gum Therapy

Periodontal Gum Therapy

Periodontal disease often results in swollen and tender gums that pull away from the teeth. This creates periodontal pockets around the teeth that have a depth of 5 mm or more and which are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

When you have periodontal disease, your gums will bleed (bleeding gums) more easily when gently probed or even during brushing and flossing.

Periodontal Therapy to Control Periodontal Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease then we are likely to recommend periodontal therapy in NYC to control this condition.

Your treatment plan will depend on the severity of the disease (severe periodontal disease) and will focus on helping to reduce bacterial infection in your gums, as well as reducing bleeding and gum pocket depths so you end up with strong and healthy gums.


Deep Professional Dental Cleaning in Our Midtown, NYC Center

Therapy can include a range of different periodontal treatment in NYC, all of which will help eliminate bacteria and hopefully prevent reinfection.

These may include:

  • Oral antibiotics
  • Antibacterial rinses
  • Instruction on how to keep your gums healthy at home in between treatments.
  • Periodontal therapy in NYC at our dental office may include a series of deep cleanings.

These are a little like professional dental cleanings but take things a step further, cleaning right down to any root surfaces that may have been exposed as your gums became infected.

This process is called periodontal scaling and planing and is where the teeth and exposed roots are scaled to remove calculus which is hardened bacteria. It is done using special ultrasonic tools that help to loosen and break up the calculus.

Periodontal root planing smooths the exposed root surfaces as this makes it harder for bacteria to stick to them. If the infection is quite severe, we may use this treatment in conjunction with laser gum treatment that removes the diseased tissue leaving all the healthy gum tissue intact.

After treatment we might choose to place antibiotics into the pockets around your teeth to help clear up any remaining bacteria, and to help you achieve healthy gums more quickly.

Scaling and root planing in NYC can be carried out at a single appointment, but if your infection is particularly severe we might only treat one quarter or quadrant of your mouth as a time in order to keep you comfortable during this procedure. If necessary, we can use local anaesthetic or deeper dental sedation if required.

Pocket Depths as a Main Indicator of Successful Treatment

After periodontal therapy in NYC it’s important that you come back to see us at regular intervals so we can evaluate the success of treatment. This is carried out by gently probing your gums to check they no longer bleed, and through measuring the pocket depths around your teeth.

Healthy gums fit closely around teeth and have a pocket depth of up to 3 mm. It can take quite some time before your gums become more resistant against bacterial reinfection, but you should gradually begin to notice they look healthier than before and fit more tightly around your teeth.

This is why we often recommend regular treatments in our Midtown Manhattan, NYC Center every three months or so, to make sure the infection is still under control. As your mouth continues to heal, the length between treatments will gradually be extended.

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