Periodontist NYC Dr Rahmani is a nationally recognized as America’s Top Periodontist, one of the best periodontal specialists in the region. He is an award winning dentistry expert and contributor to a prominent media outlets. Dr. Rahmani provides a full range of periodontal procedures to treat all the forms of periodontal disease.

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Moderate or Severe Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease Prevention

Periodontal Disease Prevention

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows periodontal disease is highly prevalent amongst the population of America.

It estimates nearly half the population aged 30 or older has mild, moderate or severe periodontal disease. This figure increases to 70% of adults aged 65 or older.

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that affects:

  • Gums
  • The ligaments holding teeth in place
  • The bone surrounding teeth

If it isn’t treated then it can lead to tooth loss.

Numerous research studies have also linked periodontal disease to other common chronic inflammatory diseases which include:

Periodontal Disease Can Be Prevented

Even though periodontal disease affects so many people, there is no need for you to develop this condition, as it can be prevented through the correct professional dental care in our Midtown Manhattan, NYC center combined with a good home dental care regime.

We can work with you, providing a fully customized treatment plan to deal with any periodontal disease, and to prevent it recurring in the future.


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