Dental Implants in Midtown Manhattan, NYC the Most Effective Solution

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Even though dental care has improved enormously over the past few decades, many Americans have lost one or more teeth, due to gum disease, tooth tooth decay or injury to a tooth. Up until a few years ago, tooth replacement options were limited to dentures or dental bridges, neither of which offers a perfect solution. Today it is possible to have dental implants in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.

Dental implants are the most advanced and effective solution if you are missing one or more teeth, or are facing tooth loss. Treatment is very versatile, and you may use dental implants to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. The technology is so good it is even possible to replace entire arches of teeth, so there is no need to put up with unstable and uncomfortable dentures, and it is sometimes possible to place a dental implant at the same time the tooth extracted.

Dental Implants Procedures

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Why Might I Need a Dental Implant?

A gap in between your teeth can detract from an otherwise attractive smile, but can also cause problems for your remaining natural teeth. The teeth adjacent to the space will gradually begin to drift out of position, which can mean you begin to develop unwanted and unsightly spaces in between other teeth. Tooth loss also affects your opposing teeth, as they rely on biting and chewing to help keep them in position. If they cannot bite against another tooth they will gradually drift towards the empty space (over eruption). This can affect your bite, and may be awkward and costly to put right.

Tooth loss can also affect your facial profile. Your teeth help support your cheeks and lips, and maintain the correct dimensions between the upper and lower jaws. If you have lost multiple teeth you might find your facial features appear to have collapsed inwards, which can be prematurely aging.

Dental Implants Help Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose teeth you also begin to lose some of the bone in your jaw. Your jaw bone relies on the stimulation provided by biting and chewing to keep it strong and healthy, and to ensure old bone cells are continuously renewed. This is because the forces created during these actions are transmitted through the crown of the tooth, down into the roots and out into the surrounding bone. After tooth extraction, the bone loses this stimulation, and without it the bone gradually reabsorbs, as it is no longer prompted to renew old bone cells when they die off. The subsequent tooth bone loss can affect the stability of your remaining teeth, and will mean your jawbone will lose some of its height, affecting the overall dimensions of your face.

The Most Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

It is desirable to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to help avoid these complications. While it is possible to use dental bridges or dentures to fill in the gaps in your mouth, these options don’t address the problem of bone loss. This is just one reason why dental implants procedure are often regarded as being the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, as they consist of an implant post that acts as a replica tooth root, providing sufficient stimulation to the surrounding bone to keep it healthy. The post provides a strong and stable anchor for the replacement tooth.

Dental implants are the most permanent solution for tooth loss. The success rate of treatment is extremely high, typically 95% or more, and the implant should last for many years. Some people will retain their dental implants for life. A properly planned and placed dental implant should look and feel entirely natural. They are extremely stable and function exactly like real teeth.

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