Dr. Rahmani is a nationally recognized as America’s Top Periodontist, one of the best periodontal disease specialists in the region. He is an award winning periodontist in NYC, dentistry expert and contributor to a prominent media outlets. Dr. Rahmani provides a full range of periodontal procedures to treat all the forms of gum disease including Advanced Periodontal Disease.

Our state of the art facility equipped with the most advanced perio equipment available in USA including latest lasers & high precision microscopes. We work with top dental labs in NYC and use only highest quality dental components available on the market today.

Advanced Periodontal Disease Treatment in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Treating Moderate to Severe Periodontal Disease | Midtown, Manhattan, NYC

Treating Moderate to Severe Periodontal Disease | Midtown, Manhattan, NYC

Treatment for moderate to severe periodontal disease is more extensive, and is likely to be necessary if the gum pockets around your teeth measure in excess of 5mm.

These are the pockets created during the progression of the disease, and as your gums to shrink back or pull away from your teeth.

We will measure the gum pocket depths during an initial examination.

Scaling and root planing in NYC is the standard non-surgical treatment for more advanced gum disease, and is often used before laser treatment for gum disease.

It helps to remove much of the infection from the gum pockets, before they are thoroughly cleaned using our laser. If necessary we can then place antibiotics into the gum pockets and which slowly release medication that will help eliminate any persistent bacteria.

Treatment is excellent for helping gums to recover from periodontal disease, but may need to be repeated at regular intervals in our Midtown Manhattan, NYC to help bring the infection under control.

Risk of Tooth Decay around the Roots

One of the problems with advanced gum disease is that it destroys the gum tissue, causing it to shrink back from the teeth, exposing the tooth roots.

Advanced gum disease makes the teeth appear longer than is desirable, and also increases the risk of tooth decay around the roots of the tooth. This is because tooth roots are not covered in enamel, but instead have a thin layer of a substance called cementum which is much more easily worn away, increasing the risk of cavities.

When the tooth roots are exposed in this way, gum surgery in NYC can help replace lost tissue, and may include gum grafting. Periodontal disease also destroys the bone surrounding teeth. Dental procedures to replace lost tissue and bone include highly sophisticated guided tissue regeneration.


We Do All We Can to Save Your Teeth from Extraction

Treatment for gum disease is most successful when caught early, before the disease has had time to destroy gum tissue and bone.

But there is still plenty that can be done to treat advanced gum disease or periodontitis, and we will do everything possible to try to save teeth from extraction (see: Tooth Extraction in NYC).

In Midtown Manhattan, NYC office we perform a full examination of your teeth and gums will enable us to formulate a suitable treatment plan, and we will make sure you fully understand all the options open to you, so you can make an informed choice.

Today’s treatments are increasingly sophisticated and are more comfortable than ever before.

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