Deep Cleaning, Scaling and planing deep cleans pockets around the teeth that fill with infection, and can be carried out under a local anesthetic if required.

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Scaling and Planing in Our Midtown, NYC Office?

Periodontal Scaling and Planing

Periodontal Scaling and Planing

If you have more advanced gum disease, we might recommend you have your gums deep cleaned.

The process removes plaque and tartar from just below the gum line and from around the exposed tooth roots. More advanced periodontal disease results in the gums pulling further away from the teeth, creating deeper pockets around the teeth that fill with infection.

Scaling and planing deep cleans these pockets, and can be carried out under a local anesthetic if required. Sometimes, if you have quite advanced periodontal disease, we might treat your mouth section by section as it is possible your gums will feel slightly tender afterwards, but most people will experience little if any discomfort.

However you may notice your teeth feel a bit more sensitive to changes in temperature, and they could bleed slightly for a while afterwards.

Process for Deep Cleaning or Periodontal Scaling?

Tartar is scraped away or scaled using either a hand tool or an ultrasonic tool to break up the hardened tartar.

Deep Cleaning and scaling can create rough spots on the tooth roots, and these surfaces are then smoothed or planed which helps to remove even more bacteria. A smooth surface makes it much harder for bacteria to stick to the tooth roots in the future.

If necessary, we can place antibiotics topically into the gum pockets that gradually release the medication over a few days. This helps to eliminate any remaining bacteria, speeding up healing, and it makes it harder for disease causing bacteria to re-colonize your gums. We might also recommend using salt water or chlorhexidine mouth rinse afterwards to help aid healing.

Removing the infection helps the gums to begin to reattach to the teeth, and you should notice that after a few weeks your gums look as if they fit more snugly around your teeth as the tissue recovers and heals.

This treatment can be very successful, but does rely on good home care afterwards. If you fail to regularly brush and floss after deep cleaning or scaling and root planing, your gum disease will continue to progress.

Sometimes Deep Cleaning, periodontal scaling and root planing might be the only periodontal disease treatment, but quite often it will be recommended as part of an ongoing treatment plan to help maintain gum health.

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