Periodontal Oral or Gum Surgery

Periodontal Oral or Gum Surgery

Dental Gum Surgery in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Periodontal oral surgery can be useful in treating advanced gum disease, and will generally be prescribed after or in conjunction with non-surgical treatments. It can help to reduce periodontal pockets around the teeth, and to encourage reattachment of ligaments to the teeth and sockets. Guided tissue regeneration procedures use specialized materials to stimulate the body’s ability to regenerate bone and gum tissue, repairing the damage caused by periodontal disease. Advanced periodontal disease destroys gum tissue, resulting in receding gums. Gum grafting takes healthy gum tissue from other areas of the mouth to help cover up exposed tooth root surfaces and to repair receding gums.

Periodontal Disease

Advanced periodontal disease can frequently result in tooth loss, and dental implants are an increasingly popular way to permanently replace missing teeth. Sometimes there is insufficient bone to securely place the dental implant, and it has to be increased through osseous surgery in nyc office. Techniques such as sinus lift procedures and ridge augmentation help build up bone in areas where it is deficient, enabling successful dental implant surgery to take place. Ridge augmentation can also be used to prepare an area for a dental bridge, and can help eliminate any unsightly gaps underneath the bridge.

Cosmetic Periodontal or Gum Surgery

Some types of periodontal oral surgery are cosmetic. Dental crown lengthening procedures can be used as part of treatment for a gummy smile, while gum recontouring procedure in nyc removes excess gum tissue, exposing the correct amount of the tooth.

Oral surgery also covers wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction. This is usually straightforward and can often be carried out using a local anaesthetic, but we realize some people appreciate a little extra help.

Sleep or Sedation Dentistry

Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry can be very useful for helping nervous dental patients have essential dental treatments, or for times when quite a lot of treatment is necessary. Sleep dentistry can enable dentists to carry out an extensive amount of treatment during a single visit, while still you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

If you require oral surgery, we are at Midtown Manhattan, NYC office will take the time to explain the procedure to you, and can answer any questions you may have beforehand. Afterwards, we will make sure you leave our clinic knowing how to care for the surgery site, and we will advise you of any symptoms or side-effects that you might experience. If necessary we will prescribe painkillers or antibiotics, and of course we are always here to answer any further questions or queries after treatment. All surgery is carried out using the latest techniques and materials, and we adhere to the very strictest infection control protocols to keep patients safe during treatments.