Preventative Dental Care Program

Preventative Dental Care Program

Professional Dental Care in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

A preventative dental care program is vital and will be ongoing. Your preventative program will be fully customized and continually updated to reflect any changing oral health needs. At our Midtown Manhattan, NYC office we will check the condition of your gums at each appointment, and will take detailed measurements of any periodontal pockets around your teeth. These results are carefully recorded and help us see if the disease is progressing or if it is being successfully controlled. Treatment can then be tailored to deal with any changes. As part of this plan, we will need to know about any changes to your general health as this could affect current or future treatment.

While some people may only need limited professional dental care, others will need to come and see us at regular intervals (often every three or four months) to help maintain the results of the initial treatment for periodontal disease. Quite often, advanced periodontal disease is chronic and cannot be fully eradicated. Treatments such as regular scaling and planing can help treat deeper gum pockets and areas of inflammation.

It is critical that you follow your preventative care program, and that you attend all appointments scheduled in Midtown Manhattan, NYC for treatment.

Preventative Care at Home

Professional dental care treatments cannot be truly effective unless combined with vigilant dental care at home. We will provide you with lots of practical advice on how best to look after your gums and teeth at home, as well as information on the best toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste to use. All patients are encouraged to discuss home dental care with us, particularly if there is anything you are not quite clear about. We realize it can sometimes be difficult to take everything in, particularly if you feel a bit nervous about visiting a dentist, so we are always more than willing to go over the details again with you.