Non Surgical Treatment Methods of Periodontal Desease

Non Surgical Treatment Methods of Periodontal Desease

Method of Treatment in Our Midtown, NYC office

The method of treatment is highly dependent on the level of infection in the gums. If the infection is in its earliest stages, it might be enough to simply professionally clean the teeth, as hardened bacteria or calculus is scraped or scaled away from the tooth surfaces, effectively removing much of the source of infection.

Gums that are more substantially infected, and which have begun to show signs of damage will need to be deep cleaned or scaled and planed.  This is sometimes used as a standalone treatment, or quite frequently as part of ongoing therapy to remove bacterial build-up from the gums at regular intervals.

Occlusal Bite Adjustment

Occlusal bite adjustment can be useful when the teeth show signs of wear and tear, when some teeth are missing, or if there are TMJ symptoms. When someone’s teeth do not bite together correctly it can worsen periodontal disease.

Preventative dental care is vital as part of an ongoing treatment program. Patients need to be committed towards attending regular checkups and to having ongoing therapy to treat periodontal disease and they must be prepared to look after their teeth and gums at home.