Professional Dental Cleaning to Treat Early Gum Disease

Treating Early Gum Disease (Gingivitis Treatment)

Treating Early Gum Disease (Gingivitis Treatment)

Most people are familiar with professional dental cleanings that are often completed at the same time as a standard six-monthly checkup. At Midtown Manhattan, NYC office we will scale or scrape away hardened bacteria, which is a substance called tartar or calculus. This can build up around the gum line, and the bacteria in the calculus produce toxins that inflame the gums. Removing calculus helps to remove much of the infection causing bacteria. Polishing your teeth smooths the surfaces so it is harder for bacteria to adhere.

Changing Behavior and Oral Habits

A professional dental cleaning can help treat the symptoms of early gum disease, or gingivitis, but needs to be combined with a change in behavior. Gum disease is often caused by a failure to brush and floss properly or frequently enough, and it is important to make changes if you want to see significant improvements in gum health. We can work with you to help improve brushing and flossing techniques, and can provide advice on the best tools to use, including toothbrushes and dental floss. We can also talk to you about alternative ways to floss, for example if you have limited manual dexterity, or if you simply cannot get on with convention dental floss. Mouth rinse can be a useful addition to your daily routine, but make sure to pick one that is antimicrobial and which will help fight gingivitis rather than just promise to give you fresher breath.

Home Oral Care Improvement

Professional dental cleaning combined with an improvement in home oral care can often be sufficient to treat mild symptoms of periodontal disease. It is important to make these changes at home, and to persevere with brushing and flossing, even if your gums initially bleed. You should notice an improvement in just a few weeks as your gums become healthier and stronger, and no longer bleed during brushing and flossing.

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