Missing a Tooth? Best Tooth Replacement in Midtown NYC

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Lost a Single Tooth?

Have you recently lost a single tooth, or perhaps you know one will need to be extracted quite soon? Upsetting isn’t it? Many people still imagine they will end up wearing a denture or perhaps a bridge that doesn’t ever look quite as good as their own tooth, but there is an alternative.

Replacing Your Tooth with a Dental Implant

Contemporary Periodontics & Implant Surgery in Midtown NYC has a better solution than a bridge or denture, and that is to use a single dental implant to replace your missing tooth. A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is inserted into your jawbone where it closely replicates your missing tooth root and is used to support a crown. Sometimes it might even be possible to extract your tooth and replace it immediately with a dental implant that will be used to hold a temporary tooth until the implant post has healed. So why should you choose this option?

The Most Natural Looking Tooth Replacement You Can Have

For most people this will be the most important reason for choosing a dental implant. The process to place the implant also shapes the surrounding gum tissue so it will look as if your implant crown is emerging naturally from the gums, just like a normal tooth. The latest porcelain crowns look incredibly natural so it will be nearly impossible for anyone to tell you were ever missing a tooth.

More Cost Effective in Midtown NYC

Choosing a dental implant can be far more cost effective due to a couple of different reasons. For a start, there will be no need for Dr. Navid Rahmani in Midtown NY to cut down or adjust the adjacent teeth in order to support a dental bridge or denture. This can be hugely beneficial in the longer term as your natural teeth will remain healthy and intact. In addition, a properly cared for dental implant can last for many years or even for life, and a study published in the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants found replacing single teeth with dental implants was either cost-saving or cost effective when compared to traditional methods of replacing single teeth.

Preserving Your Jawbone

The implant post acts as an artificial tooth root which means it provides all the stimulation to the surrounding bone that would normally be given by your natural tooth root. This is important as the stimulation tells the surrounding bone to keep on replacing old bone cells. Without this stimulation the bone quickly reabsorbs and this can create problems with the stability of other teeth and may lead to a gap forming underneath a traditional dental bridge.

Want to Find out More in Midtown NYC?

If you’d like to find out more then it’s best to book a consultation with Dr. Navid Rahmani in Midtown NYC. This is a great chance to ask all the questions you might have about treatment and you’ll be assessed for your suitability for dental implants. It’s usually better to choose this option as soon as you can after losing a tooth as this helps prevent bone loss and any subsequent problems, and of course helps ensure that you can benefit from having the best method of tooth replacement as soon as possible.